About us

We are Providing Direct- SMPP Server, reseller panel and user panel.

Sangamamonline form SANGAMAM COMMUNICATIONS will help you to integrate SMS marketing solutions into your mix in order to maximize your next campaign. Mobile SMS marketing and broadcasting are changing the way we communicate to our clients & customers. Text messaging is now a serious distribution channel that gives you the power to deliver your message directly into the hands of your audience, and create new revenue generating opportunities.

Mobile SMS Marketing is an innovative method of promotion and advertising which uses technology of mobile and wireless communication to forward your company's messages to thousands of targeted customers. Marketing with SMS helps to achieve your promotion goals because the technology associated with this application enables you to set up complex services for ongoing promotion drives. It allows you to get a higher income and provides a customer orientated service that leads to a loyal client base.

Bulk SMS Service - Ideal Solution For Any Business

In Today's era of communication and fast moving businesses through the Internet it becomes fairly necessary to save time for marketing as well as promotion of your products and services. So there is an easy interpretation for all the entrepreneurs to advertise their new products in the market with the assistance of Bulk SMS service.

At current we cater more than 3000 Customers with more than 1000 Enterprises across Industries varying from major Banks to retails by end to end.

Short Messaging Service

Promotional Messages and Transaction Alerts can be processed via our SMS Gateway connected to more than 180 Operators Globally. Sangamamonline Platform allowed marketers and programmers to connect and use the services.

Out Bound Voice Calls

Bulk Voice Calls is found to extremely useful in customer communication in rural areas and seen as an alternative to text message marketing.

Digital Spend Optimizer

A Mix of Cloud Telephony, Advanced URL Tracking, DSO will allow mobile numbers across mobile applications and also track responses, re target the users, also provide Detailed Marketing analytics and enable your organisation to spend on the right Channel.