DLT Content Template Registration Process

DLT Content Template FAQ - India
SMS Content Template Registration is the next process for DLT and soon SMS will only be delivered if that SMS Content Template is approved on DLT. Kindly ensure to apply the SMS Content Templates separately for each kind of SMS that you are sending.

Step 1: Make a list of SMS Contents that you are sending

You have to identify the SMS that you are sending. To help you identify and find your SMS contents, we suggest you to check these 2 suggestions:

  1. If you are using API, you can go to the Flow section in the left menu of your SMS panel and then download the recently used SMS Contents by clicking on the "Download Templates" button (there might be few more SMS which are not here, so check within your team for more such SMSs).
  2. You can also export the last 15-30 days' report from your SMS account and check for SMS contents there.

Step 2: Login to DLT Platform

Kindly login to the DLT Platform where you have registered your Organisation or Entity.

Step 3: Go to Content Template Section

Kindly go to the Content Template Section (and not the Consent Template Section) of the respective DLT Platform.

Step 4: Apply for New Content Template

First check the FAQ Doc and then check the below Template Guidelines Docs and Videos specific to the DLT Platform on which you have registered. Then apply for Template Registration.

While applying Template on DLT Platform, kindly understand the below categories:
1. Service Implicit: All kinds of purely transactional SMS content should be registered here, like OTPs, Order Placement, Order Tracking, Passwords, etc.
2. Service Explicit: All kinds of promotional content should be registered here, like Discounts, Offers, New Launches, etc.
3. Transactional: All kinds of OTPs that banks will require to complete the banking transactions should be registered here. This category shall be used only by Banks.

In continuation to earlier DLT communications, Principal Entities (PE's) are required to upload all their content templates on the DLT platform and get the approval by the operator. The regulatory process of scrubbing the Entity ID, Header and Template would be enabled with all operators effective 1st January 2021.

Content Template:

  • Every Content Template that is being registered by a Principal Entity should contain 'Brand Name(s)' (Complete business name/brand name/trademark) in the content field. 
  • All the OTP templates explicitly (Transaction and Service-related) that have been registered so far, should be updated with 'Brand Name(s)'
  • Content Templates for OTP without 'Brand Name(s)' will be considered invalid.
  • Traffic submitted without PE ID and Template ID will be rejected from the operator from 1st January 2021.

Customers who use API needs to add PE ID and Template ID on API too.

Example  of  Template
constant part {#var#} constant {#var#} constant {#var#} constant
{#var#} stands for Variable (One variable = 30 characters. Choose the number of variables accordingly.)