Our Pricing


10,000 Package

Unlimited Validity

Amount in Rs.

  • SMS Promotional1,500
  • Promotional Sender ID1,800
  • Transactional Route2,000
  • OTP/Api/Panel (Trans)2,500
  • Sim based SMS1,800
  • Voice Call Promotional4,000
  • Voice Call Transactional5,000
  • WhatsApp Transactional2,000
  • WhatsApp Promotional2,000
  • WhatsApp International2,400
WhatsApp Trans Api - 3,800 Monthly

25,000 Package

Unlimited Validity

Amount in Rs.

  • SMS Promotional3,500
  • Promotional Sender ID4,000
  • Transactional Route4,500
  • OTP/Api/Panel (Trans)5,000
  • Sim based SMS4,500
  • Voice Call Promotional9,000
  • Voice Call Transactional11,500
  • WhatsApp Transactional4,500
  • WhatsApp Promotional4,500
  • WhatsApp International5,500
WhatsApp Promo UL - 9,500 Monthly

50,000 Package

Unlimited Validity

Amount in Rs.

  • SMS Promotional6,500
  • Promotional Sender ID7,000
  • Transactional Route7,500
  • OTP/Api/Panel (Trans)9,000
  • Sim based SMS8,000
  • Voice Call Promotional17,000
  • Voice Call Transactional21,000
  • WhatsApp Transactional8,000
  • WhatsApp Promotional8,000
  • WhatsApp International10,000
WhatsApp Promo setup - 6,500 One-time

5,00,000 Package

Unlimited Validity

Amount in Rs.

  • SMS Promotional55,000
  • Promotional Sender ID62,500
  • Transactional Route65,000
  • OTP/Api/Panel (Trans)81,000
  • Sim based SMS70,000
  • Voice Call Promotional1,52,000
  • Voice Call Transactional1,90,000
  • WhatsApp Transactional71,000
  • WhatsApp Promotional70,000
  • WhatsApp International85,000
  • Bulk Email30,000
WhatsApp Promo UL - 9,500 Monthly

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1st September 2020, TRAI and Telecom Operators have applied the DLT charge of 2.5 paise per SMS on all the submitted traffic.

Economic Times News: Click here
If you are unhappy with the price hike, you can share your concern with TRAI or any Telecom Operator: Ways to Reach


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