DLT Content Template FAQ

DLT Content Template FAQ - India

Q.  Content Template Registration is mandatory on DLT platform?
Yes, Content Template Registration is mandatory, and passing an approved Template Id along with the SMS will soon be a mandatory parameter. Also, all kinds of SMS content i.e. OTPs, Transactional, and Promotional have to be registered on your respective DLT platform.

Q. What is the format of Variable while applying Content Template on DLT platform?
Ans) On every DLT platform, each Variable should be written as {#var#}. If you use any other format of Variable, it will not be considered as Variable and your SMS delivery will be impacted.

Q. What is the character limit in Variable {#var#} while sending SMS?
The actual value of the variable while sending an SMS will be maximum 20 characters.

Q. Any limit on the number of variables allowed in a single Content Template?
4-5 variables are allowed in one Content Template.

Q. How many Headers (Sender Id) can be associated with a Content Template?
Multiple Headers can be mapped against the same Content Template during registration. This might be different on different DLT platforms.

Q. How much time does it take to get the approval of the  Content Template from the DLT platform?
Due to a large number of requests you may face some delay in approval, however, a minimum of 2-4 business days wait is expected.

Q. Is adding a Brand Name compulsory for all kind of content template
Yes, Brand Name is compulsory in all kinds of SMS content: Promotional, Transactional, and OTPs.

Q. Have confusion while applying content in service implicit and explicit?
If you are confused in deciding the SMS content category as Service Implicit or Explicit while applying on the DLT platform, then it is highly recommended to apply the Content Template twice, once with Implicit and once with Explicit. Later, if your Content Template is approved from both of the categories, then kindly use the Template Id of Service Implicit only.

Q. What is the variable length in DLT?
The maximum character limit for a DLT variable is 30 (as mandated by operators) including space. If you wish to send more characters in variables please request 2 DLT variables {#var#}{#var#} on DLT platform. Do not use more than 30 characters (including spaces) in a single variable else the message will not be delivered. The total length of variable fields should not be more than 40% of the entire SMS text.