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International SMS is a great way to send instant and effective communications to your overseas clients. Using international SMS means ensuring that your message is received even if you are abroad without internet access. We send international SMS to countries all over the world, meaning we can offer truly global coverage.
Ex:- OTP SMS / Service SMS.

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To create an international business relationship, Bulk International SMS plays an important role. International Bulk SMS is completely secure, affordable and faster than phone calls and emails in international business. Every organization needs to communicate seamlessly. It is very much in demand in the cyber age. It is an efficient way to communicate with foreign customers.

Sangamam Online panel supports International Long Distance Operator (ILDO) routes to send SMS messages to all world. Senders who don't qualify for this registration process can still send messages to recipients with Indian phone numbers by using International Long Distance Operator (ILDO) routes. When you send a message using ILDO routes and do not specify a sender ID or attempt to use a sender ID that has not been fully registered, your message is sent using a random numeric identifier.
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We have a secured platform with latest technologies. We offer competitive price without compromising on quality and service.
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You can use any device with internet access to send messages using our platform. Our platform is very easy to use.
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SangamamOnline offers dynamic delivery reports (also known as DLR) to let you know the status of the SMS Text messages you have sent out.
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